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(Bapsis) #1

Hey all,

Just thought i would make mention that I uploaded my screenplay to a Canadian website that hosts such things for artists.
Not sure if anyone wants to check it out, but its there. Tho, i’m seriously considering reducing it to a 45min pilot script, rather than how it is now (shooting time is just over an hour and a half). :wink:
Anywayz, here’z the link:

If that dosent work, just head over to http://zed.cbc.ca/ , click on Word, then Screenplay, and you’ll find my screenplay “NanoSoldier” on that page.


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(Bapsis) #2

Nobody is interested??? :frowning:


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(Bapsis) #3

Thanks for your support Elysiun!!! :x

I’m getting pretty much the same reaction at the ZeD site, funny thing is that my screenplay is the only screenplay there that is of regular movie length and not 2 or 3 pages.

I guess it just goes to show what short attention spans people have out there. I read lots of screenplays, have read the scripts to just about all my favorite movies, and you can read 'em as fast as you watch 'em.

Besides, where is the artform 3D Animation with out a good story??? I thought more ppl would be interested in this, especially my “so-called” Blender friends!!!

Well, i guess this did teach me a lesson, dont bother trying to share things i care about.


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(theeth) #4

well, I didn’t notice this thread until now, but I promise I’ll read it. Not now though, since I’m at work :wink: but later tonight or tomorrow.


(Bapsis) #5

Hey theeth,

Thanks, i appreciate it. And im sorry if i sounded a little angry, just a sensitive artist type i guess!!! :wink: I did put alot of work into this, many months of writing and editing every day relegiously, its my baby!!! hehe :wink:

I promise it will be an entertaining read, with lots of cool futuristic technology that my warped brain invented, and a big twist suprise at the end.

If anyone else would like to read it, i would definatly be interested in hearing what you thought of it. And possibly a vote at ZeD, who knows, maybe it will be read by the right person and possibly picked up for production (dream come true!!!). :wink:

But, bla bla bla anywayz… :wink:


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(valarking) #6

Excellent, Bapsis. Amazing. Why don’t you try making the beginning in Blender? Do try to lighten up the language if you do, there might be little kids watching it. :wink:

(Bapsis) #7

Thanks valar, im glad that you liked it!!! :wink:

I would LOVE to make this in Blender, but unfortunalty i dont have the computer power, nor do i feel my Blending skills would do the show justice.

As far as the language, well… What i would really like to do in 3D, is what Manga did for 2D, and target it towards a more adult audience. Most of the 3D media out there is directed towards kids, and i would love to spin tales for adults. But i do appreciate your comments!!!

Anywayz… :wink:


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(theeth) #8

I can’t open the file with Office XP without loosing all the formating. otherwise, it crash Word badly :frowning:


(Bapsis) #9

Awww, bummer theeth. :o(

If you PM me your email, i could try to save it in .rtf or another format, s’long as it dosent mess up the formatting too too worse.


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(phrog) #10

Looks good. mabye you should make it shorter. I did by taking out all the excessive blank lines.

Anyway, could be good, so I might be nice and produce a still ‘from the film’, but I’m not promising anything.

(Bapsis) #11

Thanks phrog, would love to see a still, would be neat to see how another interpreted the scene from my words, and how it differd from what i saw in my mind. That would be very cool!!! :wink:

As far as the excessive blank lines, in my studies of screenplays i have read at several sources that you want lots of white space, it makes the text easier to read. Which makes the agent/producer/studio, or whomever is evaluating it, less likley to toss it in the trash.
They can be very VERY picky, most would toss out a screenplay if it didnt have the right length of brads (metal binding peggs).

I appreciate your input, and hope you enjoy the story!!! :wink:


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(theeth) #12

[email protected] you can get it by clinking on the little mail icon at the bottom of my posts :stuck_out_tongue:


(NateTG) #13

very good. very captivating. I like the idea.

The screenplay was marred a bit by poor wording, but other than that, I really enjoyed it. :smiley:

(Cativo) #14

my opinion so far: isn’t the concept of one “super” (young)guy trying to save the world done too many times?.
I read some of it, looks good so far…one thing about raw materials, what kind? cause there’s plenty in those pesky asteroids…:slight_smile:

(Bapsis) #15

Thanks!!! :wink:

Well, yeah, but there have been tales of (young) super heroz, right from pre history i imagine with word of mouth and story telling. I guess usually with this tale, its the other details that the writer would try to make interesting, and fresh in a way. I dunno, to be honest this is my first screneplay and i by no means claim to be all that great at it…yet!!! :wink:

Well, i guess i should state metals or other precious ores, possibly gem stones or all sorts of neat stuff. Also, i reckon that mining on a nice huge still planet with decent amounts of gravity would be muchly much easier to mine than relativaly small bodies like an asteroid, tho if they used some sort of mass gravitational netting to collect several hundred thousand pounds and tractor it into landing points on the planet… or, or or…yeah, again, i guess i should include more details about the little things, as with this story being my first, i guess i was concentraiting on the big picture and alot of the technology i was imagining and the “cool” factor stuff.

But yeah, anywayz, thanks for the positive coments as well as your personal critique. At least no one has said that its total crap, but had some cool elements. :wink:


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