Uploading Animation?

I have recently managed to make animations only to discover I am having trouble uploading them. Whenever I try too do so it either says: “cannot access .blend file” or it just attempts to upload the whole program into wherever I’m trying to upload them. Any suggestions, or ideas?

Thank you.

To me it sounds like you think a .blend is a rendered animation and that you’re trying to upload it to somewhere.

You got to render your animation and create a movie sequence from it.

No, I have completed and rendered animations and I saved them as .blend files, (it was an option given to me when I installed the program) Now the problem is I can’t upload the .blend files to any other site.

.blend is not a movie file format, it is the native Blender format for saving all the data used to create animations. You say you have rendered animations – to what format did you render the images?

It is avi raw I used to Render them. Should I have used something else?

Then you have an .avi somewhere on your hdd, check the animation output path in your .blend.
per default it should be c: mp IIRC.
That’s where your animations are.
And raw avi is uncompressed and huuuuge.

You might want to compress them either with Blenders VSE, or any other video editor/converter.

How do I compress them?

@Wildcard: Please don’t take offense but it seems as if you need to do some basic learning about the medium you’re trying to work in. It’s just too complex a subject to put it all down in a forum post, and even then, the explanation probably would assume (as arexma seems to and I surely did) a certain level of acquired knowledge about the technology involved. For example, if you don’t know what a codec is, saying to choose one for video compression won’t mean much to you, right? I suggest you post an inquiry in the Basics and Interface section of the forum, requesting links to tutorials about ways to make movies from rendered images.

It also seems as if you could use some basic Blender training, since you were trying to save animations in the wrong file type and are apparently not aware of how to set it up so your renderings are stored where you want them to be, instead of at a default location you don’t know about. Again, ask about tutorials for beginners.

None of this is meant as criticism, just a frank appraisal of your current knowledge of how best to use Blender. 3D rendering & animation is a complicated discipline, so tap into all the accumulated know-how this forum can provide to help you get started. There are a lot of learners here, so welcome to the club!