Uploading .blend files?

Hey everyone, I have been on blender artist’s for a few weeks, and I have seen people with a bunch of uploaded files, and I was wondering how this is done, because I would like to upload some of my own, but I just don’t know how.

Below the message text window, select ‘Go Advanced’. Press on the paperclip icon, select your file and upload it. Then you can add the blend or image in the same way.
This does not work in all the forums. It tells you if you can post attachments in the bottom left of the page.


You can also use pasteall to host blend files temporarily.


@inferno: Your question has been answered, but it might also be helpful for me to highlight the “compress file” option in Blender’s File menu. I never really used it before uploading to BA, but I think that it’s considerate towards blenderartists for hosting space and encourages more people to download your .blends if they are as small as possible. There is also an upload limit to prevent blenderartists servers from being swamped, so compressing .blends allows you to upload more complex scenes. Also, compressed .blends take you less time to upload. :wink:

What does it do to the file when you “compress it”?

It compresses it (with zlib, IIRC).


But does it make the file worse?

No. Its exactly the same when you open it in blender.


It’s lossless compression, so no.


What, like compression artifacts?

It would be just like taking a .blend (or any file for that matter) and compressing it with zip. In fact it is exactly like that except they might not be using zip, honestly don’t know.

Wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to use a destructive compression algorithm.


Whoops, too slow…

Ok, thanks guys.