Uploading problem

i have just rendered a video and would like to put it on the web for all to see. sounds simple but it is 830.6mb big (30 seconds(sounds huge for the time i know)). youtube wont allow it, i have tried google video but it takes 10 minutes to transfer 1% of my video. and the blenderartist attachment did not pass the test also. does anyone know of (or own) a good video uploading/sharing site that will take large files.


Well, you might want to make a compressed version and trying to upload that into YouTube/Google Video. Perhaps you’re sending too much data for them to compress.

If it still doesn’t work, look around and pick one that suits you.

how do i compress it?

You can select a video codec from within Blender by changing the output format to AVI codec, then picking a codec like Xvid (see below) and re-rendering your file.

Now, if you don’t want to re-render the file…

If you’re on Windows, VirtualDub with the Xvid codec should do it.

Just download an install both, then load your video in VirtualDub. Then go to Video>>Compression and scroll down to select the Xvid codec. Select it and click on Configure. You’ll see a slider that goes from 1 to 31. Pick a value between 2 and 5 so you don’t get a big loss in quality. Then go to File>>Save as AVI… and wait for it to compress.

problem is ive got linux

I see…then you can compress the video from within Blender. Just change the output format to AVI codec or FFMPEG. (I think) You can find Xvid in either way.

You can also load the video in the Sequence Editor and enable Do Sequence so Blender will just compress it without re-rendering the whole thing.

rerendering now