uploading Q

(hannibar) #1

I have a question about internet.

Currently I uses netscape composer to make some simple webpages where I can show my pics on. Very simple… the result I get is always a .html file uploaded. But how can I just upload a jpg so the extension in the adress is .jpg ?

Second : how can I completely delete a page from my site? There is no function like that in Netscape composer.

I’m not planning on changing to another html-editor. So thats not a soultion. But I heard from someone you could do these things with DOS-commands… Is that true? and what comments are that then?

Thanks in advance…

(lycanth) #2

Um, normally you’d just use an FTP program (WS_FTP or CuteFTP or some such) to connect to your web server, and then just upload/delete/rename whatever files you want. Not sure if this it what you meant.

(hannibar) #3

Thanks. I’ll try one of those programs.

(CurtisS) #4

Too bad, Netscape Composer is one of the worst HTML editor around. Hot Dog Pro has become my favorite editor (and I have tried them all–GoLIve, HomeSite, etc…). Search around for a different editor and download WS_FTP LE which I believe is free for uploading files to your web space.

(hannibar) #5

I know Netscape Composer isn’t really good. But all I have to do is make pages like this.


= A background with a pic on top of it.
No need for an other editor.

(VelikM) #6

In the DOS window:
ftp ftp.webaddress.extension
you’ll be prompted for the user name and password.
Some useful commands:
ls, list dir
cd, change dir, ‘cd new dir’, ‘cd … back one dir’, ‘cd / back to the root dir’, ‘ftp -h or help for the commands that work on the remote server’, ‘delete file name to remove a page/file’, ‘put file name to upload a file, you need to use the path or ‘lcd dir to go to the dir the file is in’’, ‘get file name to download a file from the remote server’. Windows has a dumb ftp client so trying one of the ones mentioned in the previous posts is a good idea. Be careful with the delete command, it’s easy to remove the wrong thing, and undo doesn’t exist.

(hannibar) #7

Thanks. Thats what I was looking for. Maybe (if possible) I’ll try one of those ftp-programs, but I’ll have a try with the DOS-stuff.

(VelikM) #8

If you upload pictures, you may need to specify -binary to get the pictures to upload in the correct format. I think the DOS ftp client defaults to -ascii and may not be smart enough to automaticly choose the correct format to transfer in. Pages transfer in -ascii so that shouldn’t be a problem.