Uploads to YouTube always a LITTLE choppy. Why?

I typically render out my Blender animations at:

30 fps
The dimensions vary, but generally 720p.

However, when I then upload them to YouTube, they always seem just a LITTLE bit choppy. An example is this 30-second animation I made for my mom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05JE2__1xY0

When I watch it on my Windows Media Player Classic, it looks great, but on YouTube (at least on my computer) it looks jittery and choppy. Most all Blender videos I upload are like this.

Does anybody know why this is and, if so, how to make them look smooth on YouTube?

I was having a similar issue – it seemed to get better when I upped the bitrate to maximum. (yes the file gets pretty big, but the choppiness went away – classic tradeoff situation)

Hmm. That’s weird, because I think my bitrates tend to be high, already.

I believe I usually use a 6,000 kbps, variable. I think that that’s pretty darn high.

I felt the same way – but I went to max, and it really did help. Maybe there is a better solution, this is the solution I found.

Alrighty, I’ll do this in the future. Thanks, Daren. (By the max, you mean 10,000 kbps, right?)

I’ll keep the thread “unsolved”, though, just in case there’s a more definitive solution.

yep – 10,000.

Though – as an afterthought – do you render to image sequences then convert to a file at the end? The artifacts you are getting are common if you try to convert a video file from 1 frame rate to another

Yes, I almost always render out as a .PNG image sequence first, and then just run that through the VSE to the video format.

But that’s not converting frame rates, as still images obviously have no frame rate at all. (Plus, there is no choppiness when I play the videos on my Windows Media Player Classic.)

you are right, I was just making sure.

Alrighty, thanks again. I’ll definitely mind that in the future, and post anything else that I learn.