First I need to appologive for my last post not going anywhere, the futuristic hallway file was accidently deleted :frowning: But I persevered and although my days are busy I have started on this project. I was really wanting some feedback on:

  1. Good camera angle?
  2. How to make it a little more interesting
  3. Add detailed texture to house or not??
    Well those are just what I am looking for but of course feel free to make any other suggestions!


I love it!

The camera angle looks awsome. Something that would make it look more interesting (Discard this suggestion if you wish, it may be a bit extreme) I could really see a very twisted looking peice of work out of this… make the colors darker… add a ghostly fog, moonlight… detailed textures… a spooky tree with a tireswing… hehe I guess this isnt much help… im kinda just saying what I would do to a blend like that…

But all in all… i think it looks great… to follow the same path It would be really neat to see a family standing on the ground looking up in amazment.

p.s: Could you possibly show how ur light is setup?

Great idea, but I think the house needs more work - windows, etc. When I first saw it it was so featureless I thought it was a barn. And the front porchy bit seems out of proportion for both a one-story and two-story house, so it’s really hard to tell what kind of building it’s supposed to be. Other than that, I really love what you’ve done so far on the image.

Both the house and the roots look too smooth and unnatural. Give me some dirt! Give me some particles! Give me a more dramatic angle! Make the texture on the ground higher resolution! Throw in something that conveys a sense of scale that everybody can relate to like a human or a car, or a tree. I like the colors.

i think additional dirt and grass details could be added to the ground on the uprooted rock. perhaps debris falling from a specific area.
the grass and earth in the forground is very nice
the flying bits in the air are nice touches
camera angle and colors are very nice!

i really like the unnatural material of the “roots”, it adds a fantasy element to the image.

Hi, this is crazy cool. Hits the idea of uprooting pretty much on the head. Besides the fact that the house is still in a really early design state, this picture rocks!



uh the roots kinda bother me too smooth and to straight. they need to have more branches on them to i think.

someone above suggested adding something to show scale.

how about something to suggest that the house is much smaller than we think? like maybe a giant foot or something. that may be the complete opposite of what you were going for, but it’s just a suggestion.

good work, though. i really like it.

Ok, small update, I am working on the house and I added a broken sidewalk as a begining to show scale. Please tell me what you think of the WIP House. I will add a chimney and such. Also I plan to possibly show a crying family in the forground.
To sort of explain the meaning of this image it is meant to represent the saying “uprooted from your home” In otherwords this family is being forced from their home. It is a dramatic and fatasy style illistration to show the tragity of this action.


very nice

the roots could use some… veins? maybe with nor applied? something to show that they actually work as roots, unless you are completely satisfied with them, of course.

Wow real neat concept here. The update really looks much better. I like the idea that dren posted about the family looking up at teh house. Good project

I like the lighting here, great scene too.

  • you need some more details (house, grounds, roots…)
  • better materials (roots / the ground beneath the house)
  • but the colours are looking just fine :slight_smile:

waiting for an update

Alright, update!!:slight_smile: Hope this is better. I’ve textured more and changed some stuff. I will be adding some more stuff later. Tell me what you think!


Good work and nice progress! Like the concept!


  • The earth/rock piece is obviously a mesh without smooth on it. I suggest you
    fractal subdivide it a bit more, add some subsurf and play around with bump
    maps with high values, to give really many sharp details.
  • The roots seem way to smooth. Try modeling them so that they are more
    jaggy, and add a lot more bump.
  • A great amount of smaller roots would also be nice.
  • Just keep modeling details.
  • Use bump maps a lot, and give them some high values (might seem very
    odd in the beginning, but will often yield great results with some experimentation).
    With this applied to almost every material, it’ll all look very detailed. Remember
    to play around with overlaying mutiple different procedurals for a less fake
    effect and a more exiting appearance.

Hope it’s useful!

Good idea!

Like Matthias said, bump maps will really add some detail to this render.

hey blend1988,
nice update, the house is starting to looks good now.
Try things said by Mathias about the earth beneath the house
for roots I would suggest the L-system link -> http://www.geocities.com/blenderdungeon/lsystem/index.html, I had used it too; check this threads trees
you can model stems and invert them :wink: it will be more natural.

coming along great …

nice progress. i really like the idea of the telephone poles, but i think they change the mood of the picture a bit. before the house was floating at a point just after breaking away. now it’s still anchored. i guess it depends on the mood you are going for. you might get the same effect with fewer poles than 3.
i think composing this in a tall vertical with lots of open sky above the house could look nice.

i really like the feeling you’re getting with this image. keep it up.