up's and down's open movie

I’m working on an open movie. I would like some suggestions for the lobby and reception area. We have two version of each.

old 12mp render http://antidrm.org/12mp.png





Actually… the latest reception shot is this:


Just need to put a few more items in the scene, such as a newspaper on the coffee table, LCD monitor & phone on the desk, some sort of painting on the wall above the couches and a plant in the corner.

Also, carpet a lighting levels for the Reception area have also been updated. Here is the current:


C&C please!


2nd set are much better…A little AO would give it a little better feeling. (I like to keep the samples down - around 3-4 with distance on and a small distance.

Hey! Nice start so far!
Perhaps think of 3 points:

  1. Borders should have round edges (eg the edges between ceiling and wall…)
  2. Texturing with bitmap textures gives sometimes more possibilities to achieve realism
  3. Try to get a bit more realistic lighting by trying around with some more lamps

and what i saw in the 4th picture on the table: try to turn on “auto smooth” to get rid of these odd round corners!

Nice start any way! keep it up!

I hope i was able to help you :wink:


i had to look at the pictures for a while 'till i found out what is missing…
now i know… shadow.
The shadows are very bright and therefore are not producing any

I can see that you are using a lot of spot-lights but i suppose that there’s a huge amount of ambient light form a hemi-light, which does not give
shadows. Hemi-lights tend to make the scene flat so use them with care.

You might want to reduce the amount of ambient light and use spot lights and simple lamps instead.

Nice start, though!