Upset about knife tool

I’m upset. Every time I use the knife tool, it cuts the faces to where they are tri’s. Why does it do this? I thought blender sub-d surfaces work best with quads not tri’s. While the new subdivision tools are handy, is there no way for the knife to cut the faces into quads rather than tri’s??


Well, I guess if I use Innvert as the type of knife cut then it cuts to quads… this is interesting. Never mind.


I’ve had the same problem for a long time… There is a hotkey that changes things into quads but I seem to remember that not working…

Yes, it’s a minor incongruity, but the simplest way to keep edges joined.
The hotkey for joining triangles into quads is Shift-J (or Alt-J, whichever you prefer). It will refuse to work if the face you’re trying to make is concave. Even very little adjustments make a difference. So grab the new vertex and move it out just a tiny bit and try again.

Blender’s sub-surfacing algorithm works best with quads, but triangles aren’t inherently evil. It just depends on how you use/misuse/abuse them.