Uranium Plasma Cannon

Ok so, this is the U-253 Blaster (somebody please post a better name) the concept is that in the back is a supply of the fissile Uranium-235. this is fed into the 30mm lined reactor core (shiny brown thing), the reactor core then somehow turns half the uranium into plasma that travels with the depleted uranium hot out the oven and then shoots it pew pew. And you’re dead no questions asked. Because plasma is very bad.

It has been quiet fun modelling this during stupid boring classes like P.E and English and thought of making it while completing Physics homework on uranium. cycles is such a breeze setting all the materials and things. If only the LCD for the Desktop computer hadn’t felt the need to break then there would be much less noise. Instead there is the schools Acer Net-book which is very mediocre handling a whopping 80,000 polygons. still, was used from start to finish to make this.

Great Concept!

The scene is a bit dark, so it takes your model out of focus.
Try to make someone to realize the model at first glance.

Also it looks really clean, try adding some more detail and a few scratches here and there.
Other than that great work, 2 thumps up from me!

Thank you, really appreciate your feedback, Progression kind of really slowed down because it got boring but you’ve made it interesting again. thank you :smiley:

Ok, so I’m gonna go ahead and call this my final render of this project hope you enjoy :eyebrowlift:

Something about this design feels reminiscent of the BFG from Quake 2 , I like the design man but it feels like its missing something.
Perhaps adding some more surface detail like an external mechanism or some panel work could do the trick. The render is nice , Gotta love Cycles :slight_smile:

As far as i can tell plasma is very hot metal without any impurities that have added chemicals to increase the amount of time it stays hot,it’s then poured into a magnet chamber that forms it into a liquid metal ball.after that it’s fired via a rail gun at an extremely fast speed.

nice work!

DCBloodHound , not to nitpick but I was under the impression that , seeing as Plasma is a state of matter if I’m not mistaken .It could be almost any material (gas for example) that has been super heated past a certain point , ionising its atoms. It would certainly make for one hell of a weapon thats for sure :3

Yeah lol,but you have to think how it can be used as a weapon.what material is going to be able to contain it and what is going to be used to give it propulsion out of the weapon.

True , go for ceramics and some sort of jet intake :stuck_out_tongue: Plasma flamethrower ftw :smiley:

lol,plasmite thrower.