Urban apartment


Not very inspired those times so here is another archviz, will come later on with something else more original, well I hope so.

Modelled with Blender 2.62
Rendered with Octane 2.58c

Hardware used :
Two GTX580 3GB

Render time :
As always it depends from one image to another but it may varies from 2h to about 5h

Basically I render the images using PMC (with or without protals) as it has a better light convergance for indoor renderings. The image is lit with HDR map.

I tend to render a second image using direct lighting and sun for lighting and I mix them together in postpro. It’s very fast, about 10 to 20 min, it is a quick way to add sun over a hdr map and it also help removing some residual noise as direct lighting produces sharp surfaces.

Postprocessing :
To remove residual noise
To combine PMC and direct lighting images
To fix some lighting and contrast and to improve light entering from windows fx
To add CA

Direct lighting only


Looks really proffessional, congratulations, enrico!

Now I assume that you probably tried Cycles instead of Octane, at least that’s my guess. If you did - what do you still need within Cycles to use it in such kind of interiors?

Superb, as usual. :slight_smile:

Ahh, he’s cheating. They really are photographs. Awesome work!

Simply amazing!

Edit: Still looking at these images. Some of them are really masterpieces! Not just from a technical point of view. Beautiful.

How do you do that? (manually, using some photoshop action or some program?)

Nearly perfect. Great work in texturing and lighting, excelent sense of composition. 5 stars (and more) from here

yet again someone posting images on here claiming they “modeled it” :smiley: i joke of course…amazing work!

Why don’t u mention Blender in Evermotion thread. It could spur some talented CG artist to start using it. I’m sure lot of people would stop spending 3’000+ $ for Max if they can achieve these results with a free software + 99 euro Octane. Evermotion works are 99% 3dsMax+Vray+Photoshop which costs 5000+ dollars. There are obviously lack of features between software i mentioned, but we are getting closer and closer…

Just asking, don’t take it bad.

Wow! this is just plain awesome! So much work must have gone in to it, but it was worth every second, your pictures look like photos… Do you work professionally as 3DArtist?:):slight_smile:

The only reason I know these are renders is because this is blenderartist. I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell some of these were not real to the gallery please. The composition on some of these is pretty good, are you a photographer or have some photographic background?

Gallery stuff here!

or a bunch of very cleverly disguised photographs…

Waw… I’m speechless.
Ironically (for a CG image), the least convincing thing is the laptop i think.

Gallery, all of them !

you must be awarded!!

Is not someone, Is always the same person. This enricoceric from Belgium. I bet he lives near Brecht and is really using a finished Cycles version and not that Octane thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Incredible stuff as always, I’m so jealous!

How did you make that rug under the table?

Thanks to all for wiewing and commenting,

@rozmiarek : I often play with Cycles and really believe it will become great render engine. I was happy with the result I got with outdoor scenes, very quick but for indoor scenes it’s still a bit slow and noisy but I probably don’t use it as I should, so I proceed with the discovery :wink: By the way, one thing missing is the spec map, at least I didn’t find a way to set it.

@Bao2 : For noise removal I just use neat image, very useful and the standalone version is free, at least it was. I know you are waiting for some renderings with cycles, just be patient, for my next project I will probably use it :wink: And yes Brecht is not so far …

@marcoG_ita : yep, you are right and I thing it’s the first time I forgot to mention this in my post on evermotion, will fix it later on.

@TheRobbi5 : This is mainly a hobby and far from being my main job, but I do some projects as freelance.

@tyrant monkey : I like to take photos but I’m not a photographer and I don’t have a photographic background, I bought my first reflex last year and really enjoy it.

@Gwenouille : Seems that this laptop doesn’t convince indeed, too bad considering the time I put into it for modelling :wink:

@NinthJake : I just used a texture map grabbed over CGTextures.com and displacement.


One more comment
The last one is indeed an image for any gallery.
And, we should live in an apartment, opposite. :eyebrowlift:

Wow. Just… wow. This is amazing! The scene is so complete, it has a really lived-in feel :slight_smile:

Top quality.