Urban Cabin

Hello, this is a Personal project of visualization of architecture for practice of learning a workflow of blender, Substance Painter and render in Cycles.

I’m a blender user about six months ago, the constructive feedback is well received.

Front View

Render info: 3840x2160px 800 samples 3-5h render time. All modeling in Blender with the exception of some sketchfab models.

Thanks to:

-StevenNovak- Human_PhotoScan 3d model
-MGD Films-Dog_PhotoScan 3d Model
-Mike Rowley-Boat_3d Model
-Jeffrey Tuhtan-River Stones_PhotoScan 3d Model


I like this one! You’re good at texturing obviously. I like the color of the image also.

The only critic I would have here would be about the composition and goal of the picture.
If it’s purely an architectural view, I’d thought great picture.

But then there is the dog and the guy. So there is a story here. Although they are supposed to be the main points in the composition now, I don’t find them very readable or highlighted. To my eyes they are kind of lost into lines and details from the background.


Thanks for the observation! you are right with the boy and the dog, I will definitely consider it for future projects.