Urban Decay: Playable Demo

A playable version of Urban Decay, including sounds and textures, can now be downloaded here (10MB approx):

Urban Decay Downloadable Demo

This is only my second proper Blender game, so I’ve been using it as a learning experience as much as anything else. The game arena is small, and the buildings little more than textured blocks. The characters are also a little… basic; however, they were created, rigged, textured, and animated, from scratch. Please feel free to use them in any projects of your own if you feel so inspired

Please note the following about the game itself:

> Gameplay involves nothing more than wandering around shooting innocent bystanders, in an orgy of senseless violence (think GTA and Postal etc)
> If that style of gameplay does not appeal, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE GAME
> If you do download the game, DO NOT THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT ITS CONTENT


> Two animated, textured characters, one player controlled, one with (very limited) AI
> After death bystander chars stay in the scene for a while, and a new “live” one is respawned
> A small, moodily lit cityscape arena
> Emitters for splat effects
> Dynamic shadows via GLSL
> Small range of 3d sound fx
> Dynamic camera, including a swoop zoom onto the main figure at startup


> Mouse to rotate left or right
> LMB to fire
> WASD to go forward/backward, and to strafe left and right

Known issues:

> On initial load the game slows and may go jerky while the operating system caches data
> Ditto, when the first bystander character is spawned into the arena, everything slows right down
> Once past those points gameplay should be reasonably smooth, although the game probably needs some optimisation
> There were some collision detection issues, which I’ve only recently fixed (fingers crossed, as I’ve almost certainly unfixed something else in the process, as is the way of such things)
> There’s a synchronisation issue between the firing animation and the bullets actually coming out, and the bullets are a little hard to see too. I’ll be fixing those, but probably won’t bother issuing a revised version of the demo

Please report any other issues you may find when running the game


ummm, when you press p to play, it doesn’t do anything, it is just the camera looking at the track.
otherwise it looks great.

yah i have the same issue

do you get any error messages in the console?

i know at least one other independent user has run it successfully (er, apart from me, that is), so if you’re having problems the only thing i can think off the top of my head is that you’re maybe running it on pcs that don’t support glsl?

it would also be useful to know what version of blender you’re using (it’s written in 2.49a)

well, that went down like the proverbial lead balloon

anyhoo, here’s a couple of screenshots from the latest incarnation of the game. i finally feel i’ve got the hang of how BGE texturing works in Blender (man, it’s a real struggle though, especially to someone coming to it cold) so expect to see far more detailed environments in future, plus new characters, a variety of weapons, better AI, etc etc etc. hey, the innocent bystanders might even be fighting back soon too

anyone interested in following the further evolution of the game should register at my site (it’s free) as i probably won’t be posting any further bulletins here


Looks pretty good, buts theres something up with the movement/animation.

The mouselook is not mac-compatible (you just have to set the rotation to 0 if the mouse sensor is inactive, or else the character just keeps turning after the mouse stops moving)
also, there’s something funky about strafing/walking backward, it gets stuck arbitrarily and you can’t go any direction but forward.
Finally, it strikes me as somewhat random whether you can shoot or not, and whether that shot hits or not. I don’t know if this is a bug or on purpose.