Urban environment still

Hello everyone,
I’ve been working on a new portfolio still , it’s basically done by now (yet … still unnamed :stuck_out_tongue: )

i’m open to suggestions on any topic: from light, exposure and comp to realism of modelled architecture and decor, ideas on areas that could use some more props and details , weak spots , etc…

Here’s the image :

Also , There’s plenty of posts on my blog with w.i.p. and breakdown material (including a slideshow with about 50 test renders from early blockout to final tweaks) :

Wow. In my opinion, I think this is amazing. Very good. I have a couple of suggestions. :slight_smile:

1.) Increase the samples. Work on the resolution and make it better. :slight_smile:
2.) Possibly add some leaves on the ground. I noticed the tree on the left was “dead”. I would place some leaves on the street and below the tree.
3.) Did you do any post-processing? If not, work on that.

Thats it! In my opinion! It looks really good. :smiley:

This is beautiful. I love the crumbling concrete at the base of the building. Nice work.

Steve S

I really like this picture. Desaturation of the image (slightly monochromatic) I really like. To make a criticism, I think the street should be much more of debris, as mentioned above. By cons there is one detail that bothers me, the repetition of windows right where the tube enters.

Very good work, in my opinion. I personally like to give a little more power to the sunlight, even if it’s cloudy…it gives a more “cinematic” feeling, or maybe just more contrast between dark and lit areas.

great work ***** (that’s 5 stars not a swearword)

Thanks ! for all the comments. All good points.

Tjrusk12: : i’m adding some leaves on the left side of the road , as for the resolution i’ve been rendering at 150% of HD so far , which isn’t small but… there’s quite a few comp. filters and tweaks and it seems comp always blurs the image … i mean comp does its job of making the pic better in many ways (contrast and colors , bloom and ca , fog etc…) but in the process you always loose some sharpness … i’ll try rendering the final at 200% hd to get back some details.

Triboulet : Thanks, glad you like the desaturated look, there’s always the risk to make it look muddy and grey .
For debris I have leaves and pebbles on the street , i’m not sure if just increasing the count of the same stuff would look better … i’m thinking of some different debris type…

For the windows you mean on the right , the metal panels ? interesting , i’ll randomize the position and rotation of those panels a bit .

Mik1190 : i know what you mean, i’ll try that, as usual being 1st a modeller i tend to want to show every little detail at the expenses of contrast and cinematic looks :slight_smile:

I imagine a very practiced street with lots of debris such as logs, wooden boxes, posters on the walls or a pile of garbage …

Lovely. Amazing details and nice job overall. I feel like it needs some color… something like a point of interest. Like … this would be the env…and you need someone or something that the viewer will look at. MY idea would be Sherlock Holmes. I think it fits well. All you need to model is basicly a cloak and a hat. Or anyway… it needs something. :smiley:
Good luck and nice job again. Post it on the finished projects when you`re ready. It might get in the top row.

Triboulet : good point , could use stuff besides rocks and leaves … works better now with some random rags and street furniture.

AlinB : Ah yes ! Sherlock Holmes would fit perfectly … but characters are an issue : being an env artist, that’s what i focus on . When i tried to have chars in my last personal still … they weren’t at the same level as the hard-surface parts, and i don’t want people to be distracted by a bad skin shader or similar…

So i thought , if not chars … at least some storytelling element would help , i came up with the idea of the cordon… (like a crime scene, or a contagion zone … ) it’s just a minor element but adds some plot , as well as just phyisically filling some space in the road area , and ,as for composition , it mirrors the curve of the arch above.
I might be cool to push the “plague” storytelling a bit more (… since this still was partly inspired by ‘Dishonored’ ) something like adding dead birds or a horse carcass (as focal point) … but, again, the plan was to make purely an env. and not to venture into anything too new for me.

Side note : i’ve added displacement to the foreground bricks … being those so close up, makes a nice difference to have the detailed silhouette and better shading… (and it wasn’t much work , i just added some subd, a displace modifier an used weight paint to tweak intensity in different areas)


This could be the final render ( still some post tweaks for sure ) you can check fullsize here : http://nizuvault.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/tuning18.png

I love your new improvements. This image is just amazing. Crazy amounts of geometry… You cant really tell if you are not taking a look at the full res.. Im just wondering how long did it take you from start to finish?
Have you posted it on other forum as well? if not, I think you should give it a try.

Great picture. I would not want to walk that road at night.

It gives me a very good feeling,nice scene!

Love the style and the mod, i noticed some distortion/offset in the uvs in the left side of the wall.

AlinB : i started this in early august. In terms of fulltime days about 10-15 …but it’s always hard to tell with these personal projects where efficiency and speed is the main concern and i go back, redo stuff, etc…

Kaltyontrish : ah no that’s intentional , you see it’s typical to use those l-shaped bricks in arches … Ok, no , just kidding :smiley: , yes i didn’t see that distortion when fixing the seam below there … i hoped no one would notice :slight_smile:

I’ve just posted this in the finished works section … i could go on tweaking forever, but you have to stop at some point :slight_smile:

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I thought this is a digital painting

edit: I like the pre-postpro version. The post processed version looks weird for me.

2nd edit: you have to make a tutorial for it!