Urban Terror 4.1 released, free game, cross platform.

I have been amused all afternoon with this,

They just did an update a few days ago, and it went from 500 megs to 700!!

The new maps are really nice! plus the online population is very high, so you do not have to worry about finding a server with human players!

Counter strike fans look for the “survivor servers”

and people who want fast respawns, check out all the other modes.

CTF is my favorite so far,.

works in *nux, windows and MAC… all for free!

We’ll see how well this runs on my little iBook G4. hehe. I’m not expecting it to
work very well, but hey. What if.:eyebrowlift2:

Edit: It’s almost 3 am. Umma go microwave up some of my step-mom’s chili while it’s downloading.

Oh swiss! It runs like a dream on the iBook as long as I adjust the game’s system settings properly!
Shoot. Now I’ve got something new to be addicted to. Only downside is I’m stuck using my finger trackpad.
Oh well. If I can master it this way, you guys just wait till I get a chance at
normal mouse powa!


Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Be sure to watch the tutorials, unlike most FPS’s this one lets you climb up on things, and also there are a couple of trick jumps…
It is very easy , just watch them and you will see :slight_smile:

Here is a guide to the funstuff:

Just type in :
/funblue or /funred for red and blue teams

then the name of the hat you want…
/funblue viking will give you a viking helmet, it you are not using a helmet in your gear.

is there something that you need installed prior to this program or is this a game all on its own?

is there something that you need installed prior to this program or is this a game all on its own?

it is 100% stand alone now :smiley:

you can still run it under quake 3 as well if you want to save hard drive space.

I personally like running it stand alone, the fonts are much sharper, and you do not need punk buster installed to play.
When you query the master server for online games, it is much faster too because it uses the Silicon Ice master server rather than the ID software one.

The game is really nice too, they have map voting, and if some one is annoying you you can start a vote to have them kicked, without permission from an administrator.

The map vote really rocks too, if the map is too big for the current amount of players, you can have a vote on a smaller map :slight_smile:

So, Mmph!. Are you involved with the people who made this game or are you
a fan…or are you a Mod contributor? …or what?

I love this game and am so glad I came across you’re post here on BlenderArtists.
I know there are lots of other cool games out there too, but for a free game, this one
kicks booty. I just need to invest into a mouse for my wii little iBook G4. It’s kind
of difficult using my 1 finger on a trackpad while getting blasted by all those pro
sniping fools.

haha. I see that I’ve already made mention of the dang trackpad in a previous post,
so…hey. Trackpad, trackpad trackpad! Say that 3 times fast.

Peace out. See you on the battlegrounds. I’ve been going by the name, Merman.
(Yes, the Zoolander kind.)

I am a major fanboy!

years ago I started making video game content with quake 3, UT is one of the first real person shooters for it… not long after came another awesome MOD called true combat.

Me and a buddy at work liked to play it at lunchtime on the LAN at work… so I started making a bunch of small maps for it…
I had a lot of fun, and the maps where pretty well layed out… but the artwork was sub standard.

Later I started doing maps for True combat, they have a sweet Mod for the free game Wolfinstein ET from ID software.

None of those maps got very far either… just at work, and a couple of times by requests on a local server.

anyway, that is why I really like the old quake 3 based games… what got me into game development in the first place.

BTW give that True combat a try!!! it was way before anyone had the idea of using the Iorn sites of the gun rather than an onscreen crosshair…

They also make it so you cannot walk around with a scope… which is very realistic…but not so much fun for the counterstrike fanboys…
True combat is very cool, but works on top of the RTCW ET protocal… in otherwords you need a ping of 150 or less to get accurate shots.

Some more tips:

In the options there is a way to turn on the hit sounds… so when a shot hits someone it makes a noise…

it really helps in learning the different guns…

Installing as we speak!
Can’t wait to play it!
Thanks for the recommendation!


Getting an error:
GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem
What do you think it means?

Did a quick google search :

Now I dont garanty any of this will work. So if anything bad happens dont blame me. Just giving you pointers. If you wanna search for answers yourself just paste that line of text in google and read up the sites it gives you.

Or go to the Urban Terror forums and post it maybe someone else got the same problem and fixed you never know.

magician you might need to update your drivers…

if you are in linux, you need to get the special 3D accelerated drivers.

The servers have really been rocking the past few days.

Lots of ladies playing this game too!

Just added a picture to my first post… nice box art :smiley:

I sill have not seen all the new maps, the update was huge this time.

Here is a better list of the “Funstuff”

it is a screen shot guide to all the player models like this:

this looks interesting, im downloading it right now, since its standalone i dont have to download any quake stuff right?

Yea, stand alone means it is its own game :slight_smile:

well i play this like every day now :smiley:

what servers do you guys usually use? and whats are your names?

name: mack
server: [alpha] clan 4.1 sumthin sumthin sumthin…

I give this game a whirl almost every night before bed.

I usualy play on FSK405 clan server, BEER GARDEN,and Hotties 6th floor

Hotties is where some of the developers play, so we chat about mapping and stuff.

My alias there usually ends in the word TACO, it is a joke clan , with me as the only member :slight_smile:
Savory TACO, HOT TACO, Juicy TACO, and Itchy TACO are some of the most recent ones.

I only play either team deathmatch or Capture the flag… on a rare occasion I talk everyone into changing the game mode into Capture and hold, which is a total riot!

I will look for your server, and your handle :smiley:

Looks nice, i might download it. The realistic damage/bandaging looks interesting. :yes:

Can you still get a lot out of it without playing online multiplayer games? Like if i couldn’t connect to the net would i be able to just play the maps with bots or something? Because this doesn’t look like its got any single player stuff in it.