[URGENT] Armature won't deform my mesh model!

Hi guys, new to the forum and also a beginner with Blender. I’m experiencing problems with my armature whereby i’ve just applied my parent deformation with automatic weights however when I go into pose mode and attempt to move each bone I can only move the bone itself and the mesh model simply won’t deform in correlation with the movements i’m making whatsoever, it’s just still. I used the following tutorial in order to create my character’s armature:

Here is my Blender file:


I would really appreciate some help with this matter and if somebody did manage to fix my armature so that I could apply automatic weights and it would correctly apply the weights to my mesh model i’d definitely be willing to make a reasonable donation as it’s of real urgency. I don’t have much time until I need to finish this particular assignment and this is a problem I simply can’t overcome whatsoever so if you can, help would be massively appreciated.

Easy fix, easy mistake to make. I took a look at it, you have a “loop in parents” error. This means that your armature is parented to your mesh, instead of the other way around. So select your armature and hit alt+p and clear the parents. You should then be able to select your mesh, select your armature, and attach the armature with automatic weights! Cheers~

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This is exactly what I was told the last time I posted on here with this problem. Unfortunately, despite following those exact steps I still face this problem and it simply won’t work. If you could try doing what you’ve suggested on my armature and see if it works i’d be eternally greatful because that fix doesn’t work for me, no idea why.

I did follow those instructions again, selected my mesh and the weight painting is all wrong. It’s practically all blue when the parenting should be distributing the weight properly and it just doesn’t. Any idea why this happens?

Bump, can anyone please help? I’m willing to pay $15 if someone can fix the weight painting on my model, I really need to get it animated but I can’t without help…

I’m attaching a .blend that has base weights assigned. With that mesh and armature it won’t deform well, but if you’re going to use it anyway, this should give you at least a good starting point.
bonesanim_ja12.blend (718 KB)

That’s strange, it worked for me.

That’s perfect, thank you so much!

I have the same problem, i’v rigged 4 characters with the rigify, and im in the middle of rigging my fifth. I’v parented the mest to the rig with automatic weights. But in pose mode, when i move the bones. The mesh dosn’t do anything :frowning: And in weight paint, the whole mesh is blue. But if i go to object mode and move the rig, the mesh follows.

I can add weight manually, and the bone will move the weighted part. So it seems that it won’t do the automatic weights correctly to begin with? Which is weird, since it’s just a normal human body and i’v already done four others. Any ideas?

hi, my mesh won’t move in pose mode but I parented it with automatic weights so please help. Also iv m=parented other objects to it as well