URGENT blender modelling Job (London, UK)


We are urgently looking for someone to model detail into a series of 3D scanned heads, hand + feet. They are in various positions and some are meant to be distorted. We have a total of 20 hands,heads or feet. Each will come as a low res scan and a marked up image for detail required. They will be 3D printed at low res so we do not need incredible detail - see image: the first image is the original state, the second two respresent the resolution we are after.

Ideally, we need somebody based in London, UK who can come over to our studio for a day or two.

Files ready for work end of the day Thursday 2nd July, completed data required by Thursday 9th July. We imagine 1 hour of work per item.

I can tell you, if you’re looking for the quality represented in your last two images, it’s certainly going to take more than 1 hour!
It’s difficult to get the desired result starting with what you show in the first image, it’d be a different matter if it accurately represented all the big shapes, but it doesn’t even resemble a hand at the moment.

Knowing this forum, someone will say they can do it in 1 hour, but don’t expect great results…

That is a very bad scan. Would be faster if done from scratch.
Proper scanning can take up to an hour without specialized rigs & equipment.
Doubt you’ll come on pair with quality & value compared to already made assets from a specialized crew:

Or if you wanna play around with R&D on 3D scanning & cleaning topology… first, you must do better scans and only after do optimizing & cleaning with use of (depending on your intent):

  • retopo (most expensive - manual labor)
  • auto-retopo (need specialized tools: ZBrush, 3Dcoat…)
  • remeshing (Also need specialized tools: open source & widely used MeshLab (video), Rhino3d+, moi+… / ‘+’ represents extra plugins or scripts)

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