URGENT! EWOCprojects lost files.


I have not been maintaining my Blender plugins for quite some time. Through a disastrous accidental chain of events, the entire
EWOCprojects site has been wiped, as is every single backup of the plugin files over here on my computer. :expressionless: :-? :frowning:

PLEASE, if anyone has the plugin files lying around (most recent versions), if even only one of them, pleasepleaseplease mail them to me on the address ‘[email protected]’, so I can put the site back up and you Blender users can once again download and use the scripts.

Script names are;


(Luckily I managed to save the source of the new EdgeSlide-script in development, which will hopefully be ready soon).

any help would be GREATLY appreciated,


I think that search engine cache can help you.

For example:

Yes indeed thx this could indeed be used as a last resort to get the data back. There is one very annoying problem though; the Google cache doesn’t save new line characters nor tab spaces (tabs being the real problem, meaning I would have to spend quite some time re-reading the code, as tab space formatting in Python is an active coding element).

I will wait and see if any script users can help out by mailing me the .py files.

(or maybe there is a way to get Google to output formatted cache content?)




I must be backward.

Why bother.

:< … :smiley:

I am starting to grasp the poetry here…

you people should know what I (don’t even) know



    [oh, un-taint pleeaaassse]


    hi!+(ve) bin~ Busy

Make sure you save those cached files anyway, before Google updates it cached file.

<body> pain often IS real </body>

let me check I have EdgeSlide .84, EdgeTune .92

might be able to find the others also,

email me your email address and i’ll send them to you

LetterRip AT gmail DOT com

thanks TOM :slight_smile:

I was really quite disappointed with the response I got on this help request.

seeing my own scripts falling into a black hole. nobody responding.
like last year’s 4000 downloads never happened.
it succeeded in making my mind race down some scary roads you really don’t wanna know about.

whatever, the search for KnifePro continues
it is the script I’d really like to get back, since I can’t use Blender without it.

TranspRef is available through http://blender.formworks.co.nz/transpref_saveplane/transpref_saveplanes.html

my email address is ‘[email protected]


Most users don’t check the python forums,

I suspect you got a lot of the downloads from my including it in an article that was posted to the front page (developer summary).