urgent : fading between scenes

please can some one help me do a fading between 2 scenes

i have saw a lot of thos , but i wasn’t able to do one …

and secondly …

what expression is used for

and thirdly

radiosity in game engine (i want an explanation for 2.4 or 2.36 not for blender publisher) …

and finnaly , thank you alot …

Well, I can answer the second question. The “expression” controller is like a mini-Python brick. You link different sensors to it, and then type in true/false equations. For example:

sensor AND sensor1 NOT sensor2

would activate linked actuators when “sensor” and “sensor1” are true and “sensor2” is false.

1)I’ve tried making a fade before but I’m not sure how to make it work. It involves a plane and an alpha IPO but theres more to it that I don’t know. If I want one in my game I just get one from someone elses game. I would however like to know how to do it so I can make my own.

2)Expressions can also be used with properties; ie: prop>0

3)I think its pretty much the same process, the buttons are just moved. Find the right buttons and the old tutorials should give you enough information.