!URGENT!: Finishing Touch

Hey everybody,

I’m still relatively new to blender and that’s why I’m currently struggling to finish my animation. The animation itself is finished but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong when trying to render it, cause when I do the video turns out to be grey. Is there someone that could maybe do the converting for me? I’m a new User so I can’t even upload files :frowning: could someone hit me up so i can send the file per email and then send me the back Video file also per email maybe? That would be VERY much appreciated!
It is for my portfolio to get accepted toa University in Computer Animation ans the deadline is 4/28/19 :cold_sweat:
Again any help would be VERY much appreciated!!!

my email is: [email protected]

Have you tried youtube? I think there there are some excelent tutorials on animation rendering.


you should tell if you are using Cycles or Eevee.

If the view from active camera is also blank, you should check the camera clip distance parameter.

Also check :

  • that compositor is deactivated
  • Video sequence editor has no strips

Oh, another thing, i presume you rendered already the whole animation as still frames ? (PNG)
And you are trying to assemble those frames to render as mpg ?

Yes, I was just going to suggest also that when rendering animations ALWAYS render PNG Sequence, and NEVER render a video file, unless it is a low-res quickie test that renders super-fast.

Could someone please do it for me this ONE TIME, I’m really running out of time… and if I don’t send in this animation before the deadline I won’t be accepted to this University…
Please I will send you the file per email and you can open it to fix it…

Don’t you have 5 days?.. Surely this is enough time to get your crap figured out and rendered…

If you’re not trying to help why bother answering at all? Yes I have 5 days, but my computer is too old to handle this, so I‘m using someone else’s. But I don’t have it at my disposal for the next 5 days…