Urgent for job: Alpha texture in potato mode...

hey guys, just needed some help with real-time texturing…

I’m working at the moment on a cinema ad using blender and i’m using a lot of matte paintings. At the moment i’m setting them up in blender 3dview in potato mode showing the matte behind the other objects.

Some of them have alpha and have double checked the alpha calc is all ok in the image viewer in blender, but in potato mode i can’t for the life of me remember how to show alpha in a texture, similar to how one would set this up for game engine. Final renders will use the alpha ofcourse ok, but i’m working with a client so for the animatic (non-lit scenes at the moment) I can incoreperate the matte paintints behind using real-time texturing so client can get an idae of how it will look.

Anyone know the method to do this?


Yeah it’s a bit annoying and weird since it’s using ‘game engine features’ for it… Should do it automatically IMO. Anyway:

Face select mode -> Select all -> click ‘Alpha’ in Texture face’ panel -> Copy drawmode

have fun :slight_smile:

ahh awesome broken thanks mate! Man, I miss having all you smart Orange guys around =D