URGENT!!! Having problems with F curves. Object not sensitive enough to the sound.

Hiya My name’s Yomashi and I really Need some help with these F-curves FAST.(Model download below) I’m under a terrible deadline. So I’m trying to make a audio visualizer with 30 bars. 10 big 10 medium (Both Blue) and 10 small (Orange) The big blue ones is pretty much perfect but the medium blue ones aren’t responding well with the F-curves (they aren’t scaling big enough) I need to fix this bad. Also if possible could I get some tips on how to make the orange one only respond to very loud noises I can’t quite perfect it. You can watch the animation and see how I want them to react to my voice by just pressing Alt-A. Any and all help is well appreciated. Thank you

P.S.Do your best to ignore my voice I just had oral surgery with 8 teeth removed sooooo yeah:p


Yomashi Hologram ANIMATED RESIZED4.blend (1.91 MB)

Pack your audio into the blend. You can do that by choosing file->external data and checking the pack into blend checkbox. And make sure you save the blend file with the viewports set up how you want us to initially see the issue.

I’ve run into a slight problem now. I packed all the data into the .blend file but now it’s not allowing me to upload it. When I select the file for attachment manager it freezes in a perpetual loading state. I’ve NEVER had this happen before and it sucks . Help…please…sorry for the inconvenience:(

File size is too big, upload to pasteall or dropbox and post the link

It’s still not uploading it just loads indefinitely did packing the data with the blend mess it up somehow?!?!? if so how do I undo it I already saved:mad:

See post #4, your file is too large to upload to BA

I noticed in the blend file you are using a .wav file. Try switching it with a compressed audio format. You can always switch it back locally.

I did notice post 4 and I tried what they said but to no avail…I’m going to change the audio format to a compressed one like Dreaming381 says

I will definitely try the compressed version thank you

((FIXED)so it’s not indefinitely uploading but after I do it it just…stops after say 30 seconds. Now this time around when I went to go pack it into the .blend folder it said that one .png image was missing from it’s directory (I’ve done some sorting and cleaning on my computer recently) and couldn’t pack it. Could that be the problem?)
((NEW PROBLEM) so I made the packed files into absolute and packed them that way and it worked, but the size of the file jumps from 2.69 MB to OVER 30MB !!! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE is there something I’m missing the audio file size is only 56.7 KB I’ll give you guys the unpacked .blend so you can see whats going on. I just have the single audio file for sound then I have it baked to 3 objects those 3 objects are then mimicked by 10 objects each creating the movement of all the panels any more questions please ask and I’ll get to you asap. I’m so sorry for dragging this out but you know “Murphy’s Law”