URGENT! Help for mesh trasformation needed!

I wanted to transform an actor in a video, like this:https://youtu.be/RHhNAOuCYYg ,but i don’t know how to start. I want to know how to get the 3d model fro the video, and also transform it to another mesh. Thx in advance!


Look for Morphing with UV. ( There are tutorials for that. You have to distort the UV, matching 2 pictures; the actor and the dog)
The actor, the man, is just a picture, and you grab a screenshot or picture from the dog. (the first frame of the video). Once the morphing is finished, you continue with the video of the dog.

what software do i need to use?

Only blender will do. This is a nice tutorial:https://youtu.be/sNjE2EVYSq0 To prepare, grab the last picture or frame from the first video you have and grab a picture from of the first frame of a second video you have. With those two pictures you do a morph as in the video. Once finished you complete everything in the video sequence editor in blender (or what it’s name again?).