URGENT HELP NEEDED with uni project!!

Hey guys! Decided to register and try my luck here for I could not find any help to my problem anywhere else! I’m working on a simple shooting range fps game for my uni project. Got almost everything working fine. Gun shoots using Ray on the camera looking for property ‘Hit’. When I place the target on the same layer as the main scene I can hit it fine and score points but when I try to make the target to spawn from an Empty there is no hit detection on it what so ever!

I was trying to model my game after this example: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlenderPenguin#p/u/16/z5n3rZabPxA The guy has some great tutorials I followed. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how he made all these radnom targets spawning randomly from many empties and being able to be destroyed by the Ray.

here is my scene if anyone would be kind enough to take a look at it: https://rapidshare.com/files/3486876567/Assignment_3.rar

if the link is too big I’ll upload the scene without materials.

It would help me IMMENSELY if somebody could explain to me how to make all those movable targets please! I’m really desparate at this point!:S

This file is for Blender 2.42 (works with Blender 2.49b) and did not work with Blender 2.5x . But you can look how it works.

Thank a lot! But I have this file downloaded and studied. I did try to replicate the logic bricks he used to make targets appear from an empty. It did not work for me. For some reason I could see the targets spawn properly in a perspective view but only one target spawned in the camera/game view. And there was no hit detection on it ether:(

I have made a ray script for you.

WOW!!! You have now idea HOW grateful I am for you doing this!! I was about to give up on that idea and try to make another easier game in the time I had before the submission deadline:S But now I can continue with my original idea! Thanks so so much! I really appreciate it a lot:D:D You probably saved me a decent mark for my final year!:smiley: