URGENT HELP! No textures in runtime


I am using Blender 2.6.2. My model works fine and I have been able to export runtimes that also worked. However, I decided I wanted to set to fullscreen so I deleted my runtimes and re-exported but now I don’t get any textures in the runtime version, just an error to say “Unable to initialise a texture.” I have tried packing the files and I have tried just making the paths relative. Nothing works even though the game works great when I fire it up from within Blender by pressing ‘Standalone Player -> Start’ button.

I don’t understand why it worked one minute and then not the next!

I really need help as I have to present my game in about 12 hours time.


I abase myself before the assembled masses of this forum in abject humility and own up to my monumental stupidity before I waste too many people’s time.


I have no idea what went wrong when I packed my images into the Blends - that will always remain a mystery… but I do know what went wrong with the relative paths. I created a folder for my runtime and all the dlls. I then popped that folder into another foler along with a copy of my images folder and wondered why it wasn’t working. After all that was the relationship between my images and the new runtime folder I have just made. :rolleyes:

FAIL! :no:

My excuse is that I am very tired. Now that my images folder nestles inside my runtime folder all is right with the world. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most have done worse, here and there. Given that you have URGENT in the title, perhaps mark thread as “solved”?