Urgent help! Parenting not working! [blend included]

So as the title says, i have a major parenting problem in blender 2.49
I’ve exhausted all my solutions, 9i’m really stumped, just start the game engine and move your mouse around, as you can see the gun moves in insane manners, it’s madness! here’s the .blend: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jzntvegmm4n
i’ve tried different mouselook scripts, they all do the same, If you don’t experience any problems then i guess it’s my computer, i have windows xp media center edition sp2

Wow, that’s really weird. I have now idea what’s causing that, sorry.

I tampered with the blend, and could not find what was causeing it, but I have a solution, delete the camera, and replace it.

Select camera > Shift S > Cursor selection > delete current camera > add new cam > redo the logic > re parent everything. Works for me.

yea do that i do that once i have exhausted everything as well.

Thanks, replacing the camera worked