Urgent Help With Gpu Please

I was thinking of buying the Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS to PLAY SOME CRYSIS!! Yeah…

Anyway, there’s a problem. I have the right PCI slot - 16x. Unfortunately, the thing needs the a PCI power socket to get power into it, but I think my motherboard doesn’t carry one at all… Hm…

If I buy a new power supply, and it comes with a PCI socket, will my card work then? I need to buy soon, so please give me an idea soon. THANK YOU!!

The power for the newer video cards (8800 GT / GTS) need a PCI power plug. The plug doesn’t come from the motherboard, it comes from the power supply. So yes, if you get a compatible power supply, you can get the new video card. Also, don’t get an old GTS, make sure you get the new one if you are in the market. The sweet spot would be to get the 8800GT.

Then is it possible to buy external power supplies? My PC’s power cords are just too many in number to replace perfectly.


I wouldn’t recommend using an external power supply for your pc…and im not even sure if they exist…lol

Any PSU that has been manufactured in the past 2 years should have a PCI-E connector…mine is a Thermaltake Toughpower 700w

They are reasonably cheap now…you are prob. looking at about £80.

And the 8800GT is the best bang for the buck at the moment.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help so far, v. appreachiated!

I’ve decided to go the whole hog and get a new power supply - a 500 watt or so BEAST: http://www.electrormart.com/shop/trust-power-master-570w-pro-psu-dual-fan-pw5500-power-supply-p-6122.html

Yeah… Anyway, I have a Pentium 4 processor @ 3.0 Ghz (single core) and 1 gig of ram, and I was wondering… WILL THIS POWER FRY MY CPU??!

I must know quickly, cos it’s TIME TO BUY!

EDIT: Oh yeah, how loud is 30db? Just wondering.

No, the wattage available from a power supply will not fry your CPU as long as the voltages are correct. And hereare some db facts.
Please do bear in mind though that if you have a component malfunction, the more power (wattage) that is available
the more extensive any damage might be. Most power supplies these days are pretty quick to shut down (clamp) on faults, still, you don’t want to overdo system requirements.

Well, I’m going to buy. I’m going to assume that since my PC is:

a HP Pavilion w5000 made in 2004…

it’s mainstream enough not be fried by mainstream power supplies - in the UK the voltage is 230V (which is where I live, natch) and both my PC’s original PSU and the new one are the same. Is that OK then?

Well, I’ve just installed the PSU after two hours of terrified poking and prodding and oh-that’s-how-the-motherboard-power-cord-comes-out-ing…

Yes, I’ve done it! So when the 8800GT comes (in A WEEK!) I’m gonna play some CRYSIS!!!

Thanks very much PhilBo, metalliandy and pixelmass - without you I would’ve been sunk. :o

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. :smiley:

Great news!

Im getting Crysis for Xmas :D.

Your new GT should be able to play it with good quality, though it seems that no GPU can play the game at full settings…yet. (At least until the new Nvidia series comes out…the flagship card is rumored to have approx. 2x the power of the 8800GTX :eek: )

The situation is much like Oblivion was, though such things force growth in the industry which is always good.

Im very happy you sorted you problem out.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Sorry you wont be playing crysis with that CPU the poor 8800 will be starved and your CPU is way underpowered, I’m sorrry but your looking at a new processor (and probably a new Mobo since I bet yours wont support a Core 2) if your not willing to spend money to update your machine dont get an 8800, at max get an 8600. Crysis at this point will bring almost any machine to its knees. you might be able to play min specs but dont expect more than that.