Urgent: (Hopefully) simple adjustment of existing model needed (no texture/rig/anim required!)

Hi all!

I’m relatively new to Blender, though a loooong time ago I used 3dsMax (5) and Milkshape for game development and modding. I have been learning Blender through “BlenderGuru” tutorials on Youtube and doing pretty well.

However, the reason I started learning is because I needed a specific model for a project I am working on. I thought I would be able to do it myself, but sadly the deadline is fast approaching, and I’m not where I need to be yet. Therefore I am happy to pay anyone who can do this quickly and to a high standard.

I already have a model - this is an FBX file that imports into Blender with no problems. The model is essentially a mid poly model of a naked man (totally safe for work, no genitals!). I HAVE to use this FBX model, not another similar model, because it is tied to another external program already being used by other members of the team (for animation, machinima, mocap etc). Here is the model:

So, what I need is this: Essentially I am creating a simple model of a (custom) superhero. I need the hands, feet and head simplfied:

Hands: Simplified to look like skin tight gloves (not separate gloves, just simply part of the lycra suit, like Raimi Spider-Man or original Power Rangers morph suits) - basically just removing the finger nails.

Feet: Simplified to look like “Kung-Fu” shoes (again, this just means part of the lyrica suit, like Spider-Man/Power Ranger) - basically fusing the toes together as if a thick sports sock

Face/Head: A “face-shell” style head. By “face-shell”, what I mean is, though a typical Spider-Man style suit is made of skin tight lycra, it doesn’t look right when pulled over a face and hair, as there is too many little lumps, details, dents etc. So a plastic mask (“shell”) is worn under the lyrca. The eye pieces are then attached on top of the lycra, attached by magnets. Here is a pic of one in real life:

For the sake of this model, I just want a very simple shape (no eye holes or the cheese hole mesh) just essentially simplifying the head shape to be round/smooth over the eyes, nose, mouth and ears, with just a very slight shape to indicate where the ears and nose are. Check reference pictures of any movie Spider-Man design to see what I am aiming for.

So all of that is hopefully pretty easy for an experienced moddler, right?

I found this Blender add-on called “mesh fairing”, which looks like it could do the job easily. ( https://github.com/fedackb/mesh-fairing ) but for some reason I can’t get it working how I would expect it to. I include it here in case any of you would find it useful.

Once the mesh has the simplified hands, feet and head, the final stage is to add the eyepieces (“lenses” for those who want to search cosplay images). The eyepiece design we would like is somewhere between the Spider-Man and DeadPool designs, but based around a broken heart design. Here is a rough sketch:

Of course, its quite a simple shape - but it needs to conform to the curvature of the head and nose. The black part should be slightly raised, and the white eyes clearly separate, like on DeadPool’s eyes.

I would like 2 different versions of the model - one with the lenses attached, and one without (just a smooth head with the slight nose and ear bumps) so that we have the freedom to redesign or change them in the future if needed.

I’d like the finished result as a Blender file that I can open and adjust myself in the future if required.

It seems to me, that for a person with the right experience, this could be a very simple and quick job - a few hours max? I don’t have a whole lot of money, but I am willing to pay for those able to do it quickly to a high standard. I could pay by transfer from a UK, or paypal. I assume the way this would usually work is to pay once the work is done? Also, I don’t have a ballpark figure in mind… forgive my ignorance, never done this kind of thing before. I can promise I am reliable and honest, just new at this stuff. Please reply here or send me a pm with questions/comments/offers.

This is for a (indie, very low budget) filming project. As well as the initial payment, you would get an IMDb and rear crawl credit, and we could negotiate a larger, second payment or profit share, if necessary.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this! I really hope someone can do this quickly and easily for an affordable price. Have a great day everyone!

If you want to shoot me a message, we can work something out. I don’t post my rates publicly.

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