Urgent, How to darken crevices

Can anyone please tell me how to darken crevices in a model , or isolating them using the node editor . I tried andrew prices method but that isn’t working any other way ? thanks in advance

show nodes set up !

may be add some Dirt map and increase effect

there is a node that can also do that = pointiness!

happy cl

So, you want us to search through all of Mr. Price’s tutorials in order to find out which method he used? And then use clairvoyance to find out why this did not work in your file?

After all, you’re the one with the “urgent” problem. So please help us to help you and ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question.

Possible methods are:

  • Using the Geometry > Pointiness node
  • Using “Dirty Vertex Colors”

Which one did you try?

In what way is it not working - the crevices on your model seem ‘dark’ so based on the description of what you are trying to achieve, i’d say it is working.

What did you expect to see if not the result that you got?


try baking an AO shader to an image file then use it to darken those areas.