[Urgent] I need a Displace modifier plugin or script soon

The only displace modifer I can find it in a cvs build which means I need to compile, and I dont have a lot of experience with compiling on Windows (only Linux). And I can’t wait around for Blender 2.42b, or whatever the next version will be, to be released (unless it will be out in the next week).

I need a Displace modifier, and Blender has everything else I need, as far as I can tell. Its just this one thing. So I have 2 options:

  • Ask someone to compile a working version of CVS for Windows that has the Displace modifier option.

  • Have someone make a displace modifeier script/plugin that I can put in the scripts folder and use right away.

Which one is up to you. Do you have the skills for either? Please help me ASAP. Its for a good cause (giving it to 10 people to make awesome maps for Quantum Legacy game (go check it out :wink: )

This thread has what you want. Lguillaume is very good at keeping the head of the thread up to date so the first message tells you where to get the compiled image for your OS. Remember that Search is your friend.


I hope this helps.


BTW you do not need to login, just click on the zip or the 7z files at the top.

Thank you. Thats one step closer. But a new problem:

It wont let me apply it in Edit mode, so when I switch to object mode, and try applying the displace modifier to a cube or plane, it says:

“Modifier is disabled or returned error, skipping apply” (or something veryh simlar to that)

Any ideas why this is happening?

I did too have problems with the latest build. I ran an older build and that works, you can give it a try.

I copied it here:


Same problem, even with the build you gave me :frowning:

It works for me.

Did you try it with the sample file here.



The file shows fine. Maybe I’m applying the displace the wrong way? Is there a tutorial for it?

Edit: Yep. I was doing it wrongly :frowning: All working now :smiley:

There are a couple of excellent video tutorials put up by ZanQdo but unfortunatelly his site “graphicall.org” appears to be down at the moment. look in the thread, there are pointers to them. Hopefully his site will be up shortly or you can email him for an alternate place to get them.


why “ask” ? there is a forum dedicated to the compilation :