URGENT: I really need some help asap, any help is greatly appreciated

Flight Model.blend (1.59 MB)

Hi all, once again here i am. So if you download the file above this, it is the flight model for what i have for my game-in-progress Eagle Born: Skies of Eternity. Anyway, i have the basic motions for the AI, and i have a track to in the logic, only problem is i know basic python code but i have no idea how to get it in python to use the current motions i have set for the AI to follow to be realistic (same with linear velocity and acceleration for my player) can you guys help me out or at least give me a brief example on what i should do? thanks :smiley:


oh oops i forgot to mention, if you read that you’re most likely confused, sorry about that :frowning:

so what i want to do is set up a script for the AI. What I want the AI to do is to follow the player, however it must fly according to what the motion actuators say.

For a diagram: AI finds player.
AI follows player
AI follows player using the motion actuators
AI will sometime lose the player and try to find the player again
when player is in a distance of less than 3, the AI will fire it’s guns. but only if the distance is less than 3.

Hope this clears it up a little bit better :slight_smile: