URGENT Indie Game Dev Team Hiring Animator (Fight Game Pitch)

(Luís Cherubini) #1

Hello there!
Im developing a game pitch that will be presented to a couple investors in NY this month and we’re opening a Blender Animator opportunity to work alongside us. We need a very talented animator that is really passionate about Fighting Cartoon games and is available for a merge in schedule to work with our team until April 12th.
We operate in -3 GMT, so its really important the use of skype calls or other preferable method of communication to our daily meetings.

Your task will be creating different Attack Animations for our new upcoming characters and refining the ones we already have. :slight_smile:

Here’s Redy, one of them that already have Idle, Jump and a few other actions.

We’re thrilled to get to know you more! Please, send us an email directly to:
[email protected]

That way we can enter in further topics like payment & project in-depth questions.


(redappletech) #2

Sent you an email

(Pwet) #3

Hi, I can create game levels for you. Here is my portfolio, johntungul.artstation.com. I use Blender and Unity in game development

(Luís Cherubini) #4

Hi everyone,
Our in-house team decided to handle the animation sprint for next week.
We’ll be in need to outsource a heavy animation piepeline next month if the project gets funded. That said, we evaluated all the portfolios and (hopefully) will enter in contact in the near future.

Thanks a lot, the Blender community rules. :slight_smile: