[URGENT] : knowing specs of pc without windows

is there any bootable iso cd to burn it for the following purpose :-
knowing the specifications of a pc without installing a whole operating system …

Sure, any Live Linux CD would do.

Afaik even the Ultimatebootcd(.com) has enough tools on it to check out the specs, but I’m not sure about that. Since I’m running Vista, I haven’t had the need to use that CD anymore.

(yeah, that definitely sounds odd)

Try knoppix.

Its a live linux distro (boots from CD). I would bet you can get hardware specs somewhere from it.

There are some other live Linux distros that you could probably try as well.

when i boot the knoppix , where have i to go after that , i am not familiar with it !!!

Have you tried BIOS ?

In knoppix, according to this, you might try System > Info Center.

I can’t believe I forgot about BIOS :no:, either, man what’s happening to me;).


a software ?

When you boot your computer (at least for Windows/Linux) on that initial start up screen, it should have something (somewhere) that says something like ‘press F5 (or F11 or some function key) to edit BIOS settings’. You should be able to find hardware info in the BIOS.

the BASH command


will list most of the hardwere in a computer

Bios a boot up system for your machine.

@ pm
ok , allready knew what bios is , but i was wondering if it would show the specs and figured out it that it will
good link though …
@ guys
thanks a lot …