Urgent : learn me python n

i can’t learn python … can you give me a lot of links for the python begginers … i want to learn python

pdfs would be cool too …

waiting for you



I never thoughed any coding or programming language, I’m more a graphic designer/artist then doing coding, but for some reason I just love Python.

I started python by using the book: Byte of Python, which is the very best book I ever readed how to use python and getting started on my first programming language.

It covers a lot of python and even some modules. If you know 000.000 about programming and you want to learn python, then this is a must.
Here a link: http://www.byteofpython.info/wheretoread/

The websites also says there is comming a 1.5 version soon. I’m curious what the new version covers which this current one doesn’t.
Anyways, if this can’t learn you using python in general, you never learn. :slight_smile:

thank you JD-Multi … i have downloaded the book in all the formats
and thanks scabootssca