Urgent! looking for cartoon characters animators, for a job with very tight deadline

hello guys and nice to meet you!

My team and I have a a terrible deadline, for this Monday, and the job involve some character animation.
the low poly characters are already ready, and they need to be animated, in a given environment and we need an AAA look .
we take care of modeling, rendering, materials, environments and all these time consuming things, so what we need is somebody well trained in animation able to work in autonomy but following the given direction. International team , spanned between Eu and USA, we speak English ,French, Spanish and Italian so everybody who is able to animate and speak proficiently one of these language, is very welcome! please answer only if you have some demo with pretty character animations involved !

Cheers awesome Blender tribe!

Hi ! I’m a French 3D animator and will be avaible to work on it during the coming days
I sent you a PM with my portfolio

you can also contact me at [email protected]

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merci beaucoup , je te réponds labas!


PM sent. please check.


thank you ! I marked it as solved , but thank you anyway, I will keep you in mind for the future!