Urgent! Manuel Bastioni is stopping development for lack of support (makehuman evolved plugin)


(1pepe) #22

Watching the huge effect that the stoping of manuelab have had on the blender ecosistem it makes me tougth why such an important feature has been leaved to the effort of only one particular person. i mean: Why character generation and posing has been so forgoten as important goal from the blender fundation?****.
I think that the fundation would have to take control of the plugin counting with manuel as developer.

(ouraf) #23

wasn’t MBLab a fork of MakeHuman that become much superior to the original?

(1pepe) #24

As i know manuel was a key developer of makehuman but startet manuellab cause it was need a full remade of makehuman to introduce some new features, then he tougth to release that new version as a addon for blender.

(Hergosc) #25

Why do not we finance the projects we love by by voluntarily mining bitcoins or other ?


Never had the chance to try it but it is sad to see a nice project abandon but in the open source world and even in the paid world thing happen on a regular basis.

The demand was probably not strong enough i guess.

(RaphaelBarros) #27

I’d hope most 3D Artists from this forum can make more money from their machine rendering stuff than by minig Bitcoin…

(Peetie) #28

when ming there is a change you loose everything you had. when investing in experiencce in 3d, they cant take that away from you

(ouraf) #29

value flutuation, grey zone legally, burns a lot of electricity adding little to nothing to the world

(Jandals) #30

I wish I had known that Manuel Bastioni was looking for support for The Lab. I think it’s a terrific tool, I really like how well it’s integrated into Blender, and es a great result. I may not let go of Blender 2.79 so I can keep using the last released version of the lab.

I wish I had heard of Bastioni’s call for support in time to contribute. I’d gladly support it.


I only just found this! I would def have been happy to throw him $10 per month. Dammit Mr Bastioni!!


Does anyone have a copy of the documentation? I should have copied his website before he took it down

(jskksj) #33

I have a decent rip of the website. It’s about 400Meg zipped so let me figure where to host it when I get home.

(Daedalus_MDW) #34

are the old versions in there?

(jskksj) #35

Yes, I have the zip files that were on the website. Now I just have to remember to upload everything when I am on a better network.

(TheAssetMan97) #36

Please please upload :’(

(jskksj) #37

I asked Manuel about and he would rather I do not upload anything. I think we need to rewrite the docs. I didn’t ask about older versions of the code.

(RaphaelBarros) #38

Seriously? I can understand he being frustrated at the lack of support his tool got, but pulling all information of the addon from the internet and wanting people to rewrite it is pretty bad.

Specially if we consider that the lack of support he got was probably more due to lack of marketing skills and no announcement being done anywhere than anything.

(ouraf) #39

if he answers you, please send the dozens of questions from the thread for him, too!

(jskksj) #40

Here is what he said and I feel like I should respect that, it his work.

Sorry, I DO NOT AUTHORIZE the publication of a copy of my old website.
It contains explanations and faqs that assume the user is reading it from the official domain.

Best Regards,


(RaphaelBarros) #41

I agree you should respect his decision, but it is pretty sad to see someone act like that, not allowing people even to see the documentation.