urgent problem: keyframes not working with armature

hey, i’m having a real issue with posing a model and my key-frames disappearing. i got to a frame, and no matter what i do, once i pose the mesh anew with the armature, something will go wrong

sometimes i lose the keyframes. or the keyframes before. sometimes the new pose takes over for all keyframes. the basic animation will stay, but the new pose is set solid throughout.

sometimes the moment i change frame, the keyframes will remain but not the pose. is there an order i should be doing this in? (i’m going to the frame number i want, using a loc-rot keyframe. i’ve tried both in and out of pose mode, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference… them, once the keyframe is in, i pose it. and voila, it all goes wrong)

I dont now much about armatures ,maybe you have the auto keyframe in the timeline window on.

cheers, man.

anyway, i think i’ve actually got it figured. or at least, what i’ve been doing thus far seems to be working, so that’s a good sign

i got the same problem with my armature, didn’t knew how to fix it so i reassembled all my iks :frowning: