At first it wasn’t really a big problem, when I was just starting, but now the inconsistency’s of blender within the windows vista environment are proving to be serious
.No line shown when scaling or rotating

.Knife tool does not work, no error message, just no line when mouse is dragged

.No lines appear guiding user to show where windows will be split

.Sometime newly added meshes are invisible for no reason, and I have to start a new blend file append or link from the original and then add what I want…when it stops working on that one I ll have to start afresh. Again and again.:mad:

.when using nodes the lines connecting the nodes are invisible, I rarely manage to do textures much.

.Green bar on top of default blender Model screen setup says 2.48 when I have 2.49 in reality

.logic bricks can be faulty, like with a simple set up…how to shoot a gun without python maybe…the bullet does not emerge sometimes. sometimes it will ?

So If anyone can help me would be very grateful as the 4th problem in particular is very difficult
Please help me

Doesn’t sound like a Vista problem, but more of video card issue. What video card do you have and version of the driver?

Genreic PnP Monitor Mobile Intel 4 Series Express ?

Yeah…that’s your processor.

Click the link and find out what card and driver you have with this tutorial please.


and forget about geting nme to get a new video card, mine is clinging to the mother board…i have a laptop a toshiba

Were not out to get you a new card, we are just trying to get the latest drivers…this is a software issue I believe, not hardware.

Please follow the instructions or people cannot help you.

oh im sorry if i sounded mean or something really but what can i do ?

Generic PnP Monitor Mobile Intel 4 Series Express is his GC its built into his mobo,(maybe in the chipset in the mobo im not sure)

yes your right moffboffjoe…what an amusing name…anyway yes, and ivetried updating things but to no avail

Yeah I’d still like to know what it says directly so I can search for the latest drivers. Just makes troubleshooting a lot easier.

Klorine - can you click this link and follow it’s instructions to retrieve the information about your graphics information?



ok is this what you wanted
its what the tut says to do

nicktechguy, this might help: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=2991

im not sure which one Klorine needs but i guess you would know since ur the tech guy :wink:

i have 32 bit windows vista Premium edition by the way

http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/detect.htm - This link will detect your drivers and find out if you have the latest ones or not

Klorine - Try both links, and see what comes up. Hopefully we can solve your issue.

I got this

:confused: well intel intergrated cards are the worst for blender (as far as i know anyway). if you driver are up-to-date i realy cant help ya. btw has this always happened on your laptop, or has it just appear from the blue? oh and this is a silly question but did you try reinstalling blender?

always happened and yes i have is the latest Driver version for that chipset, so if you follow moffboffjoe’s link, select windows 32-bit premium and download the latest driver and install it (it will probably need to restart your computer), This should (hopefully, cross your fingers) fix your issue.

oh thanks guys wheee…that was a huge help, i can now do things normally…havent tied nodes yet but well see :stuck_out_tongue:
for now one word

Glad to have helped.