URGENT, reflection texture map


this is important as i thsi project is due on monday. i am rendering a house, it looks boring and a friend who uses 3ds max told me about creating a enviroment to be reflected in the glass. I have tried many things but fail to get it working. i dont want the envoroment to render in the scene but i want the windows to reflect a texture. HELP PLEASE

Thanks, luke

Fast fix to at least get non-flat reflections: go to the world buttons (in 2.4x they’re a subset of the texture buttons) and click “blend”. That should at least make your windows reflect something.

From there you can also set texture for the sky but that might not be necessary.

thanks for the speedy reply but i was hoping to reflect a texture, like a image of random surroundings.

Another way:

1…Add a plane
2…Unwrap the UV coordinates
3…Add a material
4…Create a texture slot and load in the photograph (or the render) of your environment
5…Set ‘Map Input’ to ‘Refl’

Hope this helps.



Here is a link to a blend file which have a scene with reflective objects that reflect the world environment that they are in.

click here to download Blender 2.49 - Window Frame and Glass.blend

I used the Blender world settings to set up and hdr angular map. The important panels are shown in the Blend file.

The reflections in the window will also update to reflect the different part of the angular map if you move the window or if you move the viewing angle.

You can also use environment maps more info here :


Obviously the windows I used don’t have the correct transparency value or Index of Refraction value, I used these to show the reflection of the world texture.

thanks heapg guys, will look into this

Can you specify if you want this to be real time or rendered? The best way is to use the refl map to button, as suggested above. For renders, you can do that as well. One way to do it is to create all the stuff you want to reflect in the scene, then add a wide angle lens camera right near the window, render the scene, then delete all the unnecessary objects, and apply the resulting image to the window (map to refl, as above). You may have to flip the image horizontally to get a mirrored effect. Here is another way, for real time: