Urgent rotation help!!!

Is there any explanation why the armatures in the file attached won’t follow the convex hulls’ rotation!? I can’t seem to find any reason why! It has a strange axis; almost as though it were rotating off of a different constraint. Been pulling my hair out over this one.


character20.blend (436 KB)

add the movement bricks directly to the armature, not to the box. that way it works fine.
that strange rotation you had before was due the offset between the box and the armature.
another way would be placing the box exactly on the pivot of the armature. should work too, but I didn’t test it.

There’s a reason for the box. The convex hull exists for accurate hitting etc. like if an enemy sword hits the character. Also, if the box doesn’t move, then I would have to parent the box to the armature. Now why would I do that? Since the armature is no collision, the character would walk straight through walls (With the box dynamic convex hull) because the parent overrides that (Believe me I’ve tested). I want it to turn out like the blend file I have here. I got it from a friend who wrote a combo script.

Select the cube and press ctrl+a and select the top option. (Apply scale and rotation.) The cube is stretched which creates the odd rotation displacement.

Cheers John!
Works well!
Is there anyway to implement them in python?