Urgent -- Ubuntu Won't Load Properly!!

“Doctor? Could you help my beautiful OS get back into working condition? She’s hurt horrible. Last night, I put her to sleep, I put her screen down and went to work–but when I came back, she was gone! She was sorta there, but it’s like she was somewhere else! Oh, Doctor, I didn’t do it on purpose! I swear!” ~'Cause I’m weird like that.

Thank God for external HDD’s, cuz I’ve somehow messed up Ubuntu. Last night, I had it running on my laptop and I clicked on “Sleep” before I went to work. But, before I closed the monitor, there was a weird error, it showed the screensaver, and then it shut off the power. When I got back home and turned the machine back on to do some homework, I tried logging back on again, to a nasty surprise: my Ubuntu partition would not work. I tried logging onto my account, and Ubuntu only loaded in 1/16th of the way, had some problems, and got onto the login screen with video trouble. So I reset the machine again. GRUB bootloader came in fine with the boot menu, so I was able to get back onto Vista, but when I tried accessing my other partition, it said ‘Format Disk so Windows Could Read It’ or something to that effect.

I don’t know what to do. Should I go through with formatting the disc for Windows readability? Have I royally screwed it up? When I get Gutsy Gibbon, how do I go over the old disc partition to replace/repair Ubuntu? And no, this is obviously not like last time, which was no big deal 'cause all I did was erase a videocard driver. Or should I just switch flavors, like go to Red Hat instead?

One more excruciating week to wait for Gutsy Gibbon to come out…>.< Accepting any tips to help my beautiful machine get back on her rubber feet.

Load up Ubuntu and press, and tell us any error messages that pop up. If you can get into the GUI and it pops up a message what is it? If it wont load press Ctrl + Alt + F1, and tell us what it says.

Windows can’t read a Linux partition no matter what, so nothing wrong there.

Try booting into Linux again. Just to see.

Try a live cd. I had few times messed NTFS partition and booting linux from cd saved me. It worked even with seriously damaged hdd, when instaled windows or linux dodnt run. Just dont panic.

are you using the ext3 windows driver? i,ve had this corrupt my Linux partition before. if you can boot ubuntu to recovery mode, run fsck on the main partition, witch sometimes fixes problems. also do a thorough scratch of ubuntu forums for simaler problems. and as above, DONT PANIK;)

Windows can’t read a Linux partition no matter what, so nothing wrong there.


I’ve installed EXT3 and was able to get into Linux before–it’s where I kept my school reports (thank GOD for external storage!) and sometimes I changed around the files or edited them. It wasn’t until this problem appeared that I was unable to get into that side of the drive. I got into Ubuntu repair mode, which worked fine, but backed away from the commandline because I didn’t know what to do in there. I’ve also been looking at Open Suse, and now I’m thinking of switching flavors, but that brings me to the question of how to safely install that and get rid of GRUB. But let’s tackle Ubuntu first.

Wtf is ubuntu?


Are you logging in and then having the screen just go blank?
Does it load Ubuntu and get into the log in screen?
Does it flash up an error about X not starting?

If it’s not loading at all I’d say do what these fine people are suggesting and use a live cd to attempt to repair it.

Windows can’t read a Linux partition no matter what, so nothing wrong there.

Here is one way from windows as a native driver:

Here is a simple file browser if you would rather not install any flaky GNU drivers on your system:

This way you can copy all your files over to windows then just re-install Ubuntu and copy them back later on. (or just format over the linux system and use the free space for data)

When installing a Linux machine I suggest a minimum of 3 partitions:
1 for / (root directory)
1 for /home (home directory)
1 for swap (swap)

All important files are usually stored in /home so if you need to re-install the O/S you don’t have to worry about starting afresh and loosing all your data. As you should only have to format “/”(root directory) & swap leaving /home nice & safe. It also means you can try as many flavours as you want too. :slight_smile:

From what I have heard it seems you’ve managed to corrupt the partition by using flaky drivers. If you want to get your files from Vista to Ubuntu or Ubuntu to Vista, you got a few options.

Setup a seperate Samba server and store your files there. Requires networking knowledge.

Use NTFS3g on ubuntu and transfer the files over.

Suu999, are you getting errors on the command line when you boot?

might be too late with thsi message but:
gksu(or was it gksudo?) reconfigure xserver xorg or something like that

edit: make that:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

see if that helps

I think I finally figurd out what to do: with Ubuntu 7.10 coming out this week, I’ll burn myself a live CD, find my partition HDA3, and overwrite that with the upgrade. And I’ll keep your tips on hand for in case I find a bug in the new one or something to do with X.