URGENT -yafaray floor problems+ background "hdri?"-SUPER URGENT

hi again,

i have a couple of problams.
how can i have a floor in yafaray that only shadows?
and how can i have a background image in yafaray without going into cs3 or something?
thanks so much!

Well, I dont know about the shadows, but the background should be in the world buttons, as in the normal blender?

Btw. its spelled, ‘Urgent’, and ‘problems’. :wink:

thanks, for that i was kinda in a rush. storm was on its way.
the background thing, do you have a image plz, thanks!

lol man, writing “urgent” on the post title isn’t gonna help you.
Lasphere gave you a correct answer, don’t really need an image to go to the world buttons.

The script is really simple and straight forward.

More info could be found here http://www.yafaray.org/documentation/userguide The guide isn’t finished yet, but it’s a nice place to start.

ok, ill bring a picture.
as you can see using the sky ilb thing i have a giant background, what have i done rong.
i put urgent becouse it is urgent.
here is a render:

here is a screen shot:

I played a bit with what can be done, i guess the best way is to add the background in compositor especially that with yafaray 1.1 you can easily get yafaray render into blender’s image viewer.
I’ve created a simple example scene to show what i mean… Objects are on a ground plane which is used to mask the shadows and apply them to the background (which needs some tweaking for each scene). Masks are made with simple Blender Internal renders. The idea is quite simple, but i’ve added some nodes to reduce artifacts caused by differences in anti-aliasing between Yafaray and Blender Internal.


nodes setup and the .blend file:

hope it helps

  • Kroni

i did this through yafaray once but i cant get it to work.
sorry i find your way complecated, but i always render whilst im modelling, i don’t have time to set up a comeplete scene for a render.
thanks anyway;)

PLUS im using the new version.

Hey man, in the world buttons, remember to press the ‘blend’ button and the ‘paper’, and the ‘real’ buttons. then I dont think you image will get scaled that much.

tried that but thanks anyway.
here is what i got.

plz help!..

Somebody did try to help, must not be that urgent…

sorry, but i need something that works :frowning:


anyways, I’ve made a more simple version which might be enough for your needs. It doosn’t separate shadows, just adds the background to the yafaray render…

still, sooner or later you’ll probably have to make it more complicated. Compositor is one of the best things that happened to blender you know :wink:

  • Kroni

i don’'t get it?
are you using yaf(a)ray or yafray?
yaf(a)ray cant use nodes, or can it?

Anything can be used with the compositor as long as it outputs to an image file (which u can load via input->Image node)… In yafaray 1.1 u can also set the exporter so that it fetches the render automatically to an image in blender (named yafRender) so u don’t have to save the image by hand. It’s in the exporter: settings -> Result to Blender.
One small problem is that u have to select the image for the node after each render… because the exporter doesn’t overwrite yafRender, it creates a new one named yafRender .001, .002 and so on…