Urgently/desperately need help with a small project


I am designing a 3D model of an octocopter for a class project. I have not used blender in a while and really need some help finishing it. I am taking two other classes with this class and all three classes had a lot of work due until yesterday. My project is worth a lot of my final grade and I need to submit it in two days. I made the 3D model but really need some help with any or all of the following: coloring, materials, textures, rigging, animation, compositing, etc… What I have so far is good enough to present but I really want to do well in this class but I do not know how to make it look realistic. Can someone please help as much as they can? Octacopter.blend (1.99 MB)


I don’t think you should be spamming the forum asking people to do your homework for you.

For fun I created some placeholder materials to your scene. Now you just need to edit them better.


Btw, don’t spam

I don’t think you should be spamming the forum asking people to do your homework for you.

That and the fact that if you have any specific questions, a single post in the correct Q&A forum is generally enough (since a response will oftentimes come quickly).

I am sorry, I did not mean to spam, I thought people from one category do not generally look at posts from another category. I only asked for help because you guys know blender way better than me and because I only have two days to finish.

You talk about wanting it look realistic. Cycles is more appropriate for this.
If you want to receive better help you show some real images of how you want to look the materials.
This is an addon that can make the job a little easier:

If you need some rusty metal, here’s a procedural material by Mike Pan:

And here you can get some HDRi for environment lighting: