Uruk Hai Soldier



Very nice job! :slight_smile: I love the sculpt and the hair. And the HDR lighting looks really good. The DOF is on point.

The nitpick i can come up with:
The hair strands looks just a tiny bit too thick in the shoulder area.
Maybe reduce the strand shape abit or just the overall thickness.
(I only nitpick because I feel it’s so close to perfetion! So take it as a compliment :D)

(Donchuan3d) #22

Haha thanks for the nitpick :yum: actually it’s nice you say it because now I look at it I totally see it. That’s kind of the point of me putting stuff here… And of course thanks for the comment :blush:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #23

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(Åsmund) #24

I love LOTR fan art and I have to say, Weta would be proud of your work. You should show them :slight_smile:

(Åsmund) #25

Lawrence Makoare is the guy who played this Uruk Hai, try to show it to him :smiley: