US Navy Mk V diving helmet WIP

Hi All!

I’m working on my most complex hard surface model to date. I naturally want it to start off right from the very beginning.

This helmet is destined to be combined with a still image of a model (female model, IRL, photographed in studio), so photo real texturing is the second goal, so topology has to be solid from the very start, ya?

Here’s where I am now, and i’m working from a navy parts list schematic (very helpful!)

Round Round 6: harder lines on the bronze details, sharper corners, less subsurf look. deeper displacement on copper textures, some texture added to general brass accents


Fixed that particular issue, here’s a screen grab of the pre-subsurf wireframe

Slowly but surely!

redid the dome

I’m super excited about the progress today. I went back and completely redid the helmet dome and the shoulder portion. That extrusion along the perimeter of the shoulder piece gave me a hell of a fight. I think it’s dialed in pretty nicely though!

looking nice but add some nice cycles mat
will look a lot more realist !

keep it up

I did something like that last year for fun!

happy bl

for sure, it’s going to get fully textured and materialized later this week :slight_smile:

Starting to work on textures and materials. The general bronze is the accent pieces is flat and boring for now, but that will be a simple add once the beat-down metal of the helmet and shoulder plate is worked out. Not yet happy with the weld seam on the top view port either . . .

cool. I think it will look even better when you introduce some displacement.

You’ve done an amazing job with this helmet! :slight_smile: I made one of these a while back, but you have done a way better job! :smiley:

many models on web
but was looking at this one

so depends what you want too I guess

but compare to the link image the accessories are too rounded may be!

keep it up

happy cl

You’re right. I hadn’t yet applied the solidify modifier on the faceplate details. Those have been applied, and loop cuts added to harden the corners and edges a bit. The hinge has been beefed up. the displacement on the coppers and some noise displacement in the brass has been added

thanks for the comments!

Teh textures looks very neat and deep for me. Good job !