Usage of all the features in trunk!

Ok, lately, on Ubuntu, I’ve been compiling Blender. Then I looked at other Blender projects and compiled the 2.5 branch. But Blender doesn’t work on Ubuntu for me really, but back on subject, I got the 2.5 Build, and was trying to try it, but all I see is grids and unable to do anything!
Also I’m going to compile other branches but someone should show how to use all SVN Features. :frowning: I wanna use. (And I used to wonder, how does everyone except for me know about the new features and use them!)

Also which Branch is which! and what each branch does.

And I used to wonder, how does everyone except for me know about the new features and use them

-Release logs
-instructions and information in the mailing lists
-Clues about what it does based on feedback and similarity to other features
-forum posts.

Physics Branch - volumetric effects
Animsys2 branch - Animation enhancements, including recent dopesheet commit
Etch-a-Ton - advanced skeleton sketching (may become useful for more than bones)
Skelaton - Automatic skeleton generator
Lightcuts - GI, meshlights, ect…

Thanks CD. I just gotta find those pages on I sorta just realized the Blender website looks just like the interface! :eek:

I believe all that 2.5 is a bunch of grids at the moment. There is no real functionality yet. If you wanted to compile the latest working stuff you would probably go off the 2.48a branch or one of the branches the dragon spoke of.

The dragon? :stuck_out_tongue:

The liquid monkey is right, you can’t do anything with the 2.5 branch yet (anything but subdividing windows).

Not true.

You can use it for compilation bragging rights.

"So, yeah… I just, like… compiled Blender 2.5… nothing but purple and green windows. Can you believe that !? Yeah, I compiled it. It’s actually easier than most people think. Blahblah. Blahblahblah. BLAAAAAh. Blah.

Two-to-twelve hours later… you’ve got yourself your very own build of 2.5 dude!"


Congrats on the 1000 blenderman!

Well actually, it is easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it’s the easiest to figure out Blender ever! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get a timeline window where you can drag the green cursor line and play with some of the buttons that appear in its header/footer. Also, there are some actions that you can do. See my youtube channel on which I’ll keep a log of WIP progress on Blender 2.5:


How about a new video? :eyebrowlift: