Usb cable

Okays, I basically needed a new wallpaper for my phone, and made one for myself.
It’s a Usb cable and…thats it.
I rendered it with Cycles, 430 passes, used armatures for the wire, and err…yeah.
Comment if you wish:yes:.


looks pretty good; you should probably hit smooth shading tho as i can make out individual faces on the USB part and the wire… :slight_smile:

And add a subsurf modifier. And a noise texture linked to a displacement node, to imitate plastic. As for the materials - I’m pretty sure you used just glossy on the plastic. To give it a real plastic’s look, you should add a mix node with diffuse linked into the upper slot and glossy in the bottom, and a fresnel input into ‘fac’.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Ha, yeah I did, but I guess it didn’t work D:
I was looking at the phone usb part and I wasn’t really looking for a plastic material, it looked really smooth so thats what I did
Thanks though

The wire from the left intersects the plug on the right.