usb charger

hello, i’m relatively new using cycles render engine, the time for rendering was 1 hour approximately 3000 samples (yeah, i know mi pc is not the best for do this thing but it’s what i have) this is the first time that i try to do a realistic picture, so i glad if anyone give me a review or tip.

About the mangas that appear in this image:
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oh, and sorry if some expressions are wrong but the english is not my native language :D.

looks pretty good, the actual port (um if thats what its called) looks convincing. Thats some pretty shiny wood though.

Looks good overall. I agree that the table is a bit too reflective. Maybe turn the roughness of the glossy shader up a bit.

The charger looks really nice. I think the only other thing you could do it make some creases along the spines of the books but that is just nitpicking really.

thanks, i’ll take it in count for the next time

Nice Job. But mangas seems more boxes than books: the book spine does not appear.