usb cruser micro.

Hello, This is my last work with blender.:smiley:

Looks very nice, but there’s a typo (in your render as well): it’s cruzer, not cruser :wink:

Awwww, that’s awesome. I love the metal ring and the string a lot! Fantastic. :slight_smile:

Very nice work. Fix the typo oogsnoepje noticed and I think you’ll have reached this images potential. Well done!

my god! how I forget that!:eek: Thx for the advice!

Lol, your newest piece of work is an out dated piece of technology, it’s old, but good.

Great work!

photo realism much?

VERY nice.

Wow, great level of detail. I got exactly the same one, only the 8 Gb-version. Very realistic, well done :smiley: