USB(First model and render)

Well, this is technically my first model that I actually tried to make look decent. I picked up Blender a year ago, and just recently started to get into it. Not very good considering this is my first render, but any critique would be greatly accepted. I also need suggestions on how I should advance with this… One thing I desperately need is advice on how to get a metallic texture.


USB.blend (498 KB)

Well the first thing you should do is bevel it, no object in real life has sharp corners, except maybe a knife or machete and so on.
So in 2.49 press W, in 2.5 use the bevel modifier.

Also make the casing interesting, like maybe meke it slightly smaller in the beginning, and put some writing on it, like this thing

Otherwise the model looks fine, just the holes…maybe make them a bit bigger…
Well good luck mate.
As for texture…metallic? you mean metal? err no, they are made out of plastic…
If you mean the glossy hard plastic kind of thing(like in the image above), then turn on reflections(ray mirror in 2.49, mybe the same in 2.5) and play around with the amount and the frenshel. But make sure you have an hdri image for a world texture or stuff in the background…otherwise your reflection will be the world color…

Well, I added a texture to the plastic, not sure about it tho. When I said metallic, my thought was the metal that interfaces with the actual USB port. I am not really adept with textures. I also have a worded image I want to add to the stop of it as a decal, but how do I do that? The image is below.

EDIT: Sorry, the image is a png and the lettering is white. It says “Blender 3D” in stencil letters, horizontally.